Bling Jewelry Green Purple Blue Turquoise Coral Cluster 925 Silver Gemstone Ring

  • Multistone Cluster Ring
  • Stone: 4 mm L x 4 mm W
  • Material: : 925 Sterling Silver, Natural Compressed Coral, Natural Compressed Turquoise
  • Measure: 2 mm Band Width
  • Weight: 6.69 grams

If you love the rainbow it is time to wear the rainbow. This sterling silver jewelry has a polished 2mm width band that sports four separate stones. A blue turquoise stone, a green turquoise stone, a purple turquoise stone, and a red coral stone all live happily together in a cluster ring. Sterling silver beading details make this multi stone ring really stand out. This is a ring for anyone with worldly taste, and is would look just as intriguing worn alone or with other rings for a Boho style. Because this features three types of turquoise stones, it would be an unexpected and fun birthstone rings gift for December birthdays. Please note that because these are natural stones some pieces may vary slightly in color.

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