(Free Engraving)Beydodo Stainless Steel Ring For Men, Sharp Eagle Claw Black Resin Stone with Skull 1.8cm

  • Please make sure that your carving text is correct, because the carving product can’t be sold on a second time.we feel really sorry that we not support a return or refund of the carving product.
  • Please email us your carving text after you placing an order. If you don’t contact us, we will send a product without engraving to you.Generally, it need 2-3 days engrave the product.
  • The Fonts:Gabriola;Please email us before you place the order about the content. The content of email include ontent,engraving Inside or Outside of the item.Please provide in detail.
  • Attention!!! Special symbol does not offer lettering services. It is too complex to make special symbol,So we feel really sorry that we not support. In order to make the ring looks Beautiful, The number of letters is preferably not more than 15.
  • If you have any question or suggestion,please contact with us by e-mail,we will answer you,to solve the problem better.

♥Internationally, the more popular ways to wear the ring:♥
♥A.Worn on the thumb – of self, being reckless; is looking for a boyfriend / girlfriend.
♥B.Worn on the index finger – means already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they want to get married.
♥C.Worn on the middle finger – is in love among them, ready engagement.
♥D.Worn on the little finger – indicates single
♥E.Worn on the ring finger – they have been engaged or married.
♥F.Wear the ring on the right hand ring finger – represents a nun the Mind.

♥According to Western traditions, on the left it represents God give you good luck, it is associated with the heart, so the ring is usually worn on the left hand.♥

♥Why wedding ring be worn on the ring finger – a wonderful physical phenomenon?
♥We can do a finger game.
♥Please hands of the middle finger bent down with his back against the fingers back together on the other four fingers tips to tips.
♥1.Please open your pair thumb, thumb represent parents.
♥2.Please close up your thumb, then open the index finger, index finger on behalf of brothers and sisters.
♥3.Please close the index finger, and then open the little finger, little finger on behalf of children.
♥4.So close up your little finger, ring finger and then try to open, however, are not open ring finger – this represents a couple.
♥Note: This is just a game. But tell us the strength of our love, our love until forever.♥

♥The products of BEYDODO are materially, but its meaning is spiritually. BEYDODO conveys you our love by its products. BEYDODO would like to convey your love to your lover, your friend and your family.

♥Let love pass on,BEYDODO♥

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