Mystical & Magical Pewter Navajo Pueblo Native American Indian Petroglyph Symbolic Pendant on an Adjustable Black Rope Necklace

What a lovely, well crafted and beautifully detailed pendant! Created from the finest high-quality Nickel-free pewter this item comes ready to wear on an adjustable cord (approx 14″ to 30″ long) although it would look fine on your own favourite chain. And we think he’s really fun! The “dancing man” is in the style of native American Indian petroglyphs – otherwise known as rack carvings and found in the ancient areas belonging to the Anasazi, Navajo and Pueblo Indian areas of the US. Some say that he is actually an alien, and there are many odd carvings that can’t be explained – but we think he’s just dancing because he’s happy! On the front are various symbols, also Native Indian in style or origin – the swirl (Hopi Wheel), the goat, the wave or snake, Kokopelli (dancing flute player) and finally a Native American Thunderbird. A fantastic symbolic pendant, especially if you are into ancient American cultures. It would make an ideal gift or a treat for yourself!

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