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  • The Ring: do not fade, do not rust, no deformation, no allergies.
  • This ring is Fashion Ring, and the link between the ancient and contemporary fashion, which means the eternal love. High quality materials, high technology, affordable prices and stylish appearance.
  • Anniversary, wedding, engagement, Valentine’s day, birthday or everyday life, this ring will always give your wife, fiancee, girlfriend, for yourself or friends do not like surprises! Because the ring symbolizing happiness and contentment!
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  • If there are quality problems caused by non-human factors, support 30 days money back.


Legend of the seven female fairy by the Jade Emperor Temple of loneliness and yearning of human life. A day with six elder sisters toward Ling Xu stage play, I see great prostitute burial father young farmer Dong Yong, by his honesty impressed and germination of affection.
Big sister through sister ‘s mind, in spite of Suitengumae precepts guarded, help them to. Just before leaving when a difficult fragrant one, so that the younger sister to help in an emergency. The seven fairies came to the earth, the land God touch, pagoda tree for the media, and Dong Yongjie as a couple. In order to help her husband, seven fairies to supernumerary official Fu the family work. Her deliberately, she overnight woven into Jinjuan ten asses.
Such as, will Dong Yong’s long term from three years to one hundred days, otherwise the three years to six years. Seven fairies in the engine room to set difficult fragrant for help, six elder sisters to help, the night into ten brocade silk fabric. Fu Yuanwai had to promise.
Dong Yong work after the expiration of in pairs of husband and wife, happy home. On the way, Dong Yong discovered the wife has been pregnant in the body, hastened to get water for her thirst. Then, rising winds, the divine troops descending from heaven, came down the Jade Emperor imperial edict, limited to seven female celestial noontime three return to the temple, disobey the Dong Yong into ten thousand pieces. Seven fairies to husband innocent victims, will have their origin explains to Dong Yong, and in the pagoda tree ” immeasurably vast difference heart a ” pledge, return to heaven. SanJiu wish everyone can have some sweet love and a happy marriage.

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