Vnox Mens Womens Stainless Steel CZ Crystal Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant Necklace Amulet Jewelry Silver,Free Chain

  • VNOX has 2000+ fashion jewelry in hand,fashion jewelry is a life style more than a jewelry welcome to our store:(
  • Material:stainless steel,Hypoallergenic,Lead&Nickel free;Pendant size:25mm*42.7mm,Chain length:50cm(cable chain)
  • Type:Ankh Cross of Life necklace for men and women;The symbol has the power to give life or take it away;Also,it is a kind of amulet necklace,the best gift choose for yourself or friend,show your concern and care easily
  • Guarantee:30 days money back guarantee or exchange(reply within 24 hours)
  • Packing:Come with a VNOX Brand bag when dispached by seller,come with a vnox box when dispached by FBA,best gift choose(Please remember to put the necklace into the bag or box,then it will looks better when you wear it next time)

Vnox Mens Womens Stainless Steel CZ Crystal Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant Necklace Amulet Jewelry Silver,Free Chain
The pursuit of Vnox
VNOX equals to fashion,when you want to find some fashion element,come to VNOX; VNOX equals to trust, never be upset from VNOX,high quality and best after-sale service.
Why choose Stainless Steel/Titanium/Tungsten
Totally Nickel&Lead Free Resistance to rust Anti-corrosion and tarnishing Not oxidize and very durable.

Caring For Your Jewelry
Avoid friction and hard objects to avoid scratches. Do not wear jewelry during exercise,bathing and swimming. When not wearing jewelry,you should wipe clean,put jewelry into box or bag.

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Coolman Jewellery Mens Bracelets Stainless Steel Blue&Black Adjustable 8.5-9 Inch( With Branded Gift Box)

  • Fantastic Jewelry Bracelet — Well constructed men’s Bracelet, stainless steel link design, hand brushed and polished by professionals. Produced Under Serious Quality Control: one by one checking, tail chain adjustable. Totally adjusted from 8” to 9” in a second, two links can be removed with our removal tool. So easy to operate.
  • Unique Fashion Design — The color scheme are royal blue and classic matte black, two thin metallic blue lines woven throughout whole link. The paint finished well, it could last years, also the attention to bracelet’s detail is great, textured portion nearly flawless. NEW ELEMENT THIS YEAR, we use 5 simple lines middle of each piece INSTEAD OF dot-like last year
  • High Quality Material — 316L stainless steel is wearproof and anti corrosive, it will keep a long time shining, glimmer all the way. Its hypoallergenic goes specially well with allergic suffers. Do NO HARM to humans body
  • Any Occasion Friendly — Can be worn every day, in either a business or a casual setting. Especially for Wedding, Dating, Dancing Party, it will make you more attractive, cool and personalized
  • What You Get —100% SATISFACTION or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, Fashion Men’s Bracelet, Free COOLMAN Jewelry Bracelet box, Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects (only if purchased direct from ‘coolman jewelry’)

This beautiful 316L Stainless Steel Link Wrist Bracelet is 9inches in length. High quality—Hand Brushed and Polished by professional workers.Produced under Serious Quality Control;One by One Checking; Focus on Detail Processing. For the first sight, you must be attracted by the fashion design.Blue and Black plated, classic color assortment.In the middle part ,concave-convex design make the bracelet better quality. We use high quality 316L Stainless Steel as main material.This Stainless Steel contains MO which Can make the bracelet more wear-resisting, scratch resistant, corrosion abrasion resistance.Besides,simple button and adjustable design, you can wear the Bracelet easily.
You will receive a exquisite box, a high quality bracelet, two nails, a screwdriver.
Stainless Steel Bracelet maintenance tips.

1.How to clean the Stainless Steel Bracelet ? 
Your Stainless Steel Bracelet  requires just a simple cleaning and maintenance procedures.The simple cleaning solution to mix warm water with a few drops of mild soap.Banning the use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner when cleaning the Stainless Steel Bracelet .
2. How to care the Stainless Steel Bracelet ?
Make your Stainless Steel Bracelet to avoid contact with harmful chemicals.Keep your bracelet away from hard material objects. Please store your Stainless Steel Bracelet separately.When getting off  Stainless Steel Bracelet , you can place it inside the HIGH-class gift box and then put the box in a safe space.

About coolman
we strive to provide our customers with the hippest and the trendiest Selection in high quality men’s jewelry .We pride ourselves in offering high quality Stainless Steel, Titanium,silver and Tungsten Carbide Jewelry.
From us you can expect quality products at reasonable prices with an outstanding and friendly Customer Service.
We guarantee all our products with high quality to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

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eeddoo® Steel – Banana – Feather – Turquoise (Banana Belly Navel Belly Button Banana Curved Barbell Navel Piercing Jewelry Women Men’s Cubic Zirconia Silver)

  • & # 10004 Silver Belly Bar with Turquoise stone and pendant in spring form
  • & # 10004 material: 316L Surgical Steel; COLOUR: Silver, Turquoise | bar thickness: 1,6 mm| bar length: 10 mm | ball size: 5 + 8 mm | size of pendant: 19 mm
  • & # 10004 and the piercing Banana (also called curved barbell) is really for piercings/bellybutton/belly navel belly/navel jewellery ~ ~ eeddoo – great of jewellery and great quality at a low price
  • & # 10004; Comfort fit and high-quality workmanship
  • & # 10004; Brand: eeddoo® * * EXPRESS DELIVERY FROM GERMANY * * * OVER 30,000 item constantly in storage

Eeddoo® steel – Banana – Spring – Turquoise (piercing banana bellybutton, banana curved barbell navel belly jewelry women men’s cubic zirconia silver)
Silver Belly Button Piercing with turquoise stone and feather pendant
Material: 316L Surgical Steel | Colour: Silver, Turquoise, | bar thickness: 1,6 mm| bar length: 10 mm | ball size: 5 + 8 mm | diameter of pendant: 19 mm
The piercing banana (also known as curved barbell) is particularly suited to belly bars/bellybutton/Navel Belly Bars/Navel Jewellery ~ ~ Eeddoo – Great of jewellery and great quality at a low price

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Beydodo Stainless Steel Rings (Wedding Bands) For Mens, 4 CZ Crystal Anniversary Rings 8MM

  • Material: Stainless Steel;Brightest Stainless Steel jewelry is a standard sign of Health after long time wearing.
  • Wear the ring on the index finger, character more extreme stubbornness belongs.Like to put a ring on the middle finger, there is a sense of responsibility, it means pay attention to family .It is not important worn on which finger ,they are of good fortune and good luck.
  • Wear the ring on the left hand, That’s mean God has given you good luck,which is interlinked with the heart.Let luck follow you.
  • This is a very gorgeous and very unique ring , not only comfortable band and lightweight, but also would be an awesome wedding,engagement or commitment ring.
  • If you have any question or suggestion about our products or services,please contact with us by E-mail.

About BEYODOD Love Ring:
Ring, Love symbol,Beydodo hope you buy a Princess rings, and you love to grow old, let Beydodo witness your love.♥
Princess Ring,Lady’s Ring For all women have a kind of ring ineffable emotion,in love among the sacred ring that declaration, a small ring of happiness blooming unusually strong light, and has expressed the hope that the good old desire love, which wedding ring has the style is different, not the same style with different beauty.choose beydodo LOVE wedding ring,let Beydodo witness your love.♥
The significance of Princess Ring,just like a romantic love story, CZ Design hearts pure expression of our love, romantic heart sinking deeply imprinted on our hearts, wearing heart-shaped wedding ring containing, in such romantic shows Princess Ring between the lower heart-shaped charm,it will be so romantic after the marriage.♥
The jewelry design of BEYDODO conveys its regard to love and its desire that every Jack should have his Jill. In the meanwhile, it appeals for attention to environment protection.

“DO” comes from the promise of “I Do”
BEYDODO says this vow “I Do” to its customers, being together with its customers. We would do everything we could to be better, to solve every problem.
BEYDODO hopes we could be together forever since the time we said “I Do”

The products of BEYDODO are materially, but its meaning is spiritually
BEYDODO conveys you our love by its products. BEYDODO would like to convey your love to your lover, your friend and your family.

• Let love pass on — BEYDODO •

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