Vnox 8mm Stainless Steel Medical Alert ECG Heartbeat Emergency Engarved band Ring Black

  • MEDICAL ALERT ECG RING–8mm black band ring with ECG and medical ID symbol engraved;It is a kind of medicine emergency;It is a best gift or collection for our family and friend;Especially for the person who are in:Diabetes,epilepsy,autism,allergies,coumadin,waffarin,heart diease,pacemaker,asthma,COPD,stroke,cancer,multiple sclerosis,dialysis lung disease,ADD/ADHD,Alzheimer’s,high blood pressure, children with special needs etc
  • PRODUCT DETAILS:Material:stainless steel,hypoallergenic;Width:8mm;Size available:(5=J 1/2);(6=L 1/2);(7=N 1/2);(8=P 1/2);(9=R 1/2);(10=T 1/2);(11=V 1/2);(12=X 1/2);(13=Z 1/2);(14=Z+2)
  • TYPE:Medical alert ECG band ring for men and women;It make your life more easier and safer
  • GUARANTEE:30 days money back guarantee or exchange(reply within 24 hours)
  • PACKING:Come with a VNOX Brand velvet bag when dispatched by seller,come with a VNOX box when Fulfilled by Amazon,best gift choose,please remember to put the bracelet into the bag/box,then it will look better when you wear it next time

Vnox 8mm Stainless Steel Medical Alert ECG Heartbeat Emergency Engarved band Ring Black
The pursuit of Vnox
VNOX equals to fashion,when you want to find some fashion element,come to VNOX; VNOX equals to trust,never be upset from VNOX,high quality and best after-sale service.
Why choose Stainless Steel/Titanium/Tungsten
Totally Nickel&Lead Free Resistance to rust Anti-corrosion and tarnishing Not oxidize and very durable.

Caring For Your Jewelry
Avoid friction and hard objects to avoid scratches. Do not wear jewelry during exercise,bathing and swimming. When not wearing jewelry,you should wipe clean,put jewelry into box or bag.

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Beydodo Stainless Steel Rings (Wedding Bands) For Mens, 4 CZ Crystal Anniversary Rings 8MM

  • Material: Stainless Steel;Brightest Stainless Steel jewelry is a standard sign of Health after long time wearing.
  • Wear the ring on the index finger, character more extreme stubbornness belongs.Like to put a ring on the middle finger, there is a sense of responsibility, it means pay attention to family .It is not important worn on which finger ,they are of good fortune and good luck.
  • Wear the ring on the left hand, That’s mean God has given you good luck,which is interlinked with the heart.Let luck follow you.
  • This is a very gorgeous and very unique ring , not only comfortable band and lightweight, but also would be an awesome wedding,engagement or commitment ring.
  • If you have any question or suggestion about our products or services,please contact with us by E-mail.

About BEYODOD Love Ring:
Ring, Love symbol,Beydodo hope you buy a Princess rings, and you love to grow old, let Beydodo witness your love.♥
Princess Ring,Lady’s Ring For all women have a kind of ring ineffable emotion,in love among the sacred ring that declaration, a small ring of happiness blooming unusually strong light, and has expressed the hope that the good old desire love, which wedding ring has the style is different, not the same style with different beauty.choose beydodo LOVE wedding ring,let Beydodo witness your love.♥
The significance of Princess Ring,just like a romantic love story, CZ Design hearts pure expression of our love, romantic heart sinking deeply imprinted on our hearts, wearing heart-shaped wedding ring containing, in such romantic shows Princess Ring between the lower heart-shaped charm,it will be so romantic after the marriage.♥
The jewelry design of BEYDODO conveys its regard to love and its desire that every Jack should have his Jill. In the meanwhile, it appeals for attention to environment protection.

“DO” comes from the promise of “I Do”
BEYDODO says this vow “I Do” to its customers, being together with its customers. We would do everything we could to be better, to solve every problem.
BEYDODO hopes we could be together forever since the time we said “I Do”

The products of BEYDODO are materially, but its meaning is spiritually
BEYDODO conveys you our love by its products. BEYDODO would like to convey your love to your lover, your friend and your family.

• Let love pass on — BEYDODO •

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AMDXD Jewelry Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings for Women,Round Ear Clip for Sensitive Ears 20mm-60mm

  • Hypoallergenic Earrings for girls,made of Stainless Steel,do not worry,you will not sensitive to the earrings.
  • One order includes 4 Pairs Earrings of Different Colors,Economical Earrings Set for Men and Women.
  • Round Circle Earrings Set,Simple,Beautiful.
  • Earrings set for women,have different colors to match your daily wearing.
  • We will be responsible if the earrings exists quality problems(providing a replacement or full refund)

AmDxD Jewelry Stainless Steel Earrings Set for Women,Hypoallergenic

Made of Stainless Steel
1.The Earrings selection of high-quality titanium steel work after repeated polished surface apperance bright.
2.Anti-allergic strong acid-resiatant alkali,solid and durable.
3.Not easy to fade,bringing the health and environmental protection to our customer ,confortable to wear.

Earrings Set
1.Different Size,chose the suitable one.
2.One order includes 3-6 pairs earrings,please see our listing
3.Different colors combination,can match different wearing.
4.Nice Looking and Simple Earrings,enhance you tasty,make you become more beautiful.

Maintenance Tips:
♥Keep your earrings away from Chemicals.
♥Do not wear the earrings to do housework or sports to avoid the impact.
♥Do not put a variety of jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box.Because it will be wear due to the Mutual friction.

Pre-Sales Services:
&#9825If you have any question about the Earrings Set,please send e-mail to tell us,we will surely answer your problem.

After-Sales Service:
&#9825If there is any quality problem when you receive the earrings,do not worry,please contact us,we will be responsible for it.We will provide to re send or have a refund to you.

&#9825If you are interested in this earrings,do not hesitate,add it on your shopping cart,as a Nice Gift for Female.

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AMDXD Jewelry Stainless Steel Rings for Men Gothic Punk American Indian Native Skull

  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Punk Style Rings.Best gift to your friend.
  • Come With Nice Gift Bag.
  • Suitable Gifting Accasion:Valentine’s Day;Anniversary;Chrismas;Birthday;Graduation.Nice Present with Gift Bag.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately,we will solve the problem for you.

Welcome to AMDXD Jewelry Store.
AMDXD is the Initial of Advanced, Marvelous,Delicate and Dainty.
They are the nice choice of each fashionable one.
AMDXD Jewelry Rings
Beautiful and Cool rings,as a best gift to yourself your friend!You will never regret to buy it.
Look!Unique Design. Made of Stainless Steel,High Polished,improve your tasty of Fashion and make you become elegant.
There are Different styles Rings,Please Click to Enter into the AMMDXD Jewelry store,Make you own choice, chose the best one you like.
Unique AMDXD Jewelry with high quality and reasonable price.
If you are interested in our product,do not hesitate,add it on your shopping cart,bring it home.
And if you have any question,please send an e-mail to contact us,we will surely solve your problem.
Wish you have a nice day.

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